A 360º technological partner for digital SMEs

A success story from Anco

The challenge

ANCO needed a collocation and infrastructure provider that was accessible, efficient, without intermediaries, with which they could grow, and, above all, that offered great flexibility to provide coverage for all the cloud solutions that their clients require.

The solution

At the beginning of our more than 12-year relationship, we built a collocation solution in the DPC of Barcelona. Currently, ANCO uses our three data centers; that of PTV as its production DPC, that of Madrid TecnoAlcalá for its solution based on disaster recovery replication and that of Barcelona for its backup replication. All of this is supported by Adam’s lines and the service is fully integrated.

ANCO specializes in ICT auditing and consulting, the design and implementation of comprehensive and personalized technological solutions, and managed IT infrastructure and services to respond to any technological need of small and medium-sized digital companies. Their more than 40 years of experience in the sector at a national level position them as a leader responsible for the evolution and digital transformation of the businesses with which they work, and with whom they build a long-term alliance.

This company, led by their CEO, Pere Collado, was a pioneer in offering cloud computing in Spain for the migration of companies’ infrastructure to a private cloud with the maximum guarantee of security. In addition, it has data recovery systems and other cybersecurity services, and on-premise IT solutions. Its most notable product is adCloud Global, a personalized virtual desktop service based on cloud computing that adapts to the characteristics of each company.

ANCO’s extensive experience makes it a multi-sector expert advisor and partner   for any business that requires complex, comprehensive, tailored solutions adapted to its needs. This allows them to offer specialized training on various topics and software, such as  Microsoft, cybersecurity and other applications and tools with a practical approach and updated content.

More than 40 years in the technology sector

ANCO was a pioneer in offering cloud computing in Spain and has been advising small and medium-sized companies for more than 40 years, supporting them in during their development and digital transformation process. 

Throughout its long history, ANCO’s objective has not changed: they continue to help their clients, giving them the comprehensive technical coverage they need through advice and the creation of personalized solutions. 

To this end, the entire ANCO team is certified at a multidisciplinary level and is a specialist in certain areas, from infrastructure to systems, including virtualization, maintenance, storage and data management, or cloud computing through proprietary solutions. 

The result of this 360 service is the ability to create a team together with their customers and align with the customers’ objectives, something that differentiates ANCO from its competitors. It is an external provider that ends up being internal and allows companies to use technology as a lever for their development.

Currently, they receive about 5,000 monthly requests from customers and work with about 15,000 users on cloud computing solutions, with a 24-hour service, 365 days a year.

“Apart from the technical level, some of the criteria that made us choose Adam were their accessibility and the possibility of scaling up our business with them.”

Pere Collado, CEO of ANCO

adCloud Global, its own virtual desktop solution

One of the solutions with which ANCO adds value to its customers is adCloud Global, a virtual workspace in their private cloud that is completely personalized and with all the security guarantees that a workspace of this type requires. 

Although the global situation of the last three years has led ANCO to develop its adCloud Global solution, they have been implementing it since 2010, so their customers’ transition to virtuality and teleworking did not produce major friction. 

Currently, many companies request hybrid solutions to combine in-person and remote work for their teams, and cloud solutions, such as those offered by ANCO, support and help create the conditions to make this possible. 

ANCO and Adam: 12 years growing together

In 2010, the ANCO team chose Adam to implement, for the first time, its own cloud computing solution. Since then, more than 12 years have passed during which we have grown and evolved together as partners within the technology sector and have established a long-standing professional and personal relationship. 

The result of this symbiosis can be summed up in one word: trust. The closeness between both companies, the flexibility, the response times and, ultimately, the technical coverage that Adam offers them, has managed to ensure the success of the service that ANCO offers to their customers.

At the moment, ANCO uses Adam’s three data centers in Barcelona, PTV and Madrid. In the latter, the most recently created, ANCO was the first client to host the disaster recovery solution that they offer to their customers.

ANCO supports clients in their digital transformation, advising and recommending the technological solutions that add the most value to their business.”

Pere Collado, CEO of ANCO

Innovation, the driving force behind ANCO

Since ANCO’s beginnings, when they sold typewriters, innovation has been one of the main driving forces of the business. That is why, today and for the last few years, they have an R&D department that works on the continuous improvement of solutions, as well as constant analysis of the market and technological trends. 

This has allowed them to optimize and increase their catalogue, which currently includes more than 50 different cloud computing, security and data analysis solutions . In the last two years, as a result of the digitalization of many companies along with their perennial innovative and visionary philosophy, they have incorporated more than 25 solutions to their portfolio, supported, of course, by their official security and quality of service certifications .

But the ANCO team has grown as well as the number of implementations. Currently, it is a company made up of more than 80 people, distributed between its headquarters in Barcelona and its office in Madrid. In the Spanish capital they hope to have an increased presence throughout 2023 thanks to acquisitions planned for the end of 2022. ANCO’s annual turnover is 9 million euros, with a goal of 15 million euros in 2025.

“I would define our relationship with Adam in a single word: trust. The professional treatment, the accessibility and the feeling of being covered provides us with the security that we are working with the right partner.”

Rafael López, COO and CIO of ANCO

ANCO’s 360º multicloud strategy

“A multicloud strategy is the combination of at least one public cloud and one private cloud that provides the greatest flexibility for moving data quickly and integrating the benefits of each cloud. In this way, companies meet the current needs and trends of digital transformation. Having a multicloud platform provides agility, immediacy and flexibility. Furthermore, this platform adapts satisfactorily to each company and each need. Multicloud is a great choice for the future of your company.”

This approach based on flexibility, agility, resource optimization, support and cost savings, and which more than 90% of companies are already choosing today, is what ANCO provides to its customers. In addition, their extensive experience in all types of environments (cloud, on-premise and hybrid) allows them to determine the appropriate multicloud strategy for each company.

“The biggest challenge for our private cloud computing solution is meeting market and customer demands. Adam is crucial in that regard with their response times and platform availability. The service we receive is a resounding success.”

Rafael López, COO and CIO of ANCO