About Adam

A solid, innovative, accessible and trustworthy data center to grow your business

We help you make the best decisions about your company’s infrastructure and connectivity with IT solutions and tailored services.

Why are we the best home for your data, now and in the future?

We have been working in the data center sector for more than 30 years, which is why we can guarantee that the data center, IaaS or connectivity solution that we will design for your business is the most appropriate.

We know and work with companies from all industries, and we understand projects of all types and sizes. Our priority is that your data is safe and supported, and that, beyond being a provider, we are an ally, accessible and attentive to your growth needs.

We have our own data centers in Madrid and Barcelona, and we continue to build and expand our infrastructure, implementing technological innovations that allow us to be more competitive, as well as sustainable.

The certifications that we have gained

ISO 9001

Standard that certifies the existence of a quality management system that includes facilities, equipment, services and teams and allows us to demonstrate our ability to satisfy customer requirements.

ISO 27001

The Information Security Management certificate ensures the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

ISO 22301

This certification involves the implementation and application of controls and measures to manage the general risks to which the business continuity of an organization is exposed.

National Security Scheme

A set of basic principles, requirements and security measures for the adequate protection of the information processed and the services provided.

CNDCP certificate logo


We received the Climate Neutral Data Center Pact Certificate, so that European data centers reach climate neutrality by 2030.

The values we bring to your business


We own our data centers and manage them with our own highly-experienced technical teams, who are in constant training.


We create a direct and accessible relationship with our clients and help them make the best decisions at all times.


We research and develop new solutions to anticipate your needs and always be up to date within the sector.


All our projects and centers are developed 100% with our own capital and resources thanks to our high investment capacity.


We are committed to environmental sustainability, which is why we optimize our energy use and use renewable sources.


We adapt to the needs of your company to provide you with the most appropriate, effective and scalable solution.

This is the team that will help you find the best solution

The milestones that have marked the history of our data centers


Adam was born as a pioneering company in the commercialization of computers assembled by components.


Adam was one of the first four companies to be an Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Spain.


We inaugurated one of the first data centers in the country in the city of Barcelona, with an area of 500 m2 and 1 MW of electrical power.


We created the DataBOX (data centers in ISO maritime containers) to transport or scale companies’ infrastructure in a modular way.


We opened a second modular data center in the Vallès Technology Park with an area of 3000 m2, 2 MW of power and air conditioning of the rooms with free cooling technology.


We began to actively collaborate with the Openstack project and launched our own cloud platform based on this technology.


The Lusitania II supercomputer, which incorporates a distributed memory cluster with 40 servers, is installed in one of our DataBOXes.


We inaugurated a third data center in Madrid TecnoAlcalá, the first outside the metropolitan area of Barcelona.


We built our third Meet-Me-Room in the center of the Vallès Technology Park, in Barcelona.


 Soon, we will inaugurate our fourth data center in Parc de l’Alba Sincrotrón (Barcelona).

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