Infrastructure as a service and cloud computing

Deploy your IT infrastructure in a quick, agile and flexible manner and take control of your services with our management tools.

We have everything you need to deploy your IaaS platform

Virtual servers

Easily create virtual machines with the latest generation processors and obtain high performance. You will be able to interconnect your projects and manage your instances, resources and objects from your client control panel.


Choose the SAS or NVME/Flash storage option best suited for your business and access data with the speed and capacity that best suits your budget and needs.

We work with hardware from the best manufacturers and storage service providers.

Backup and business continuity

Set up a replica of your data with any cloud or physical system and ensure the availability of your services in the event of disasters. Your information will be secure and encrypted in external storage.

We work with solutions from the best data protection specialists.

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Networks and connectivity

Interconnect your instances, racks or external infrastructure with other data centers or providers through any of the operators we work with, in a neutral and redundant way. In addition, you can also connect your project on our IaaS platforms between Madrid and Barcelona.

Distribute the load of your cloud applications in a secure and scalable way, ensuring and expanding the availability of your services with the use of floating IPs shared between several virtual servers.

Security measures

Our IaaS platform has connection rules in OpenStack security groups and the configuration and connection of FortiGate services with multiple virtual domains.

Licence management

We have agreements with various manufacturers, such as Microsoft, and we help you correctly manage the licences of your virtual instances housed on our platforms in Madrid or Barcelona. This way, you can deploy your services without worries or extra costs.

Do you want to migrate from
on-premise to cloud?

Migrate your physical infrastructure to our IaaS platforms to save costs and increase your operational efficiency, scalability and resource availability. We are experts in planning and managing these processes and we support you at every step.

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Do you need to monitor and manage your cloud services in real time?

Monitor your services and objects, configure the notifications you need with the support of our technical team available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and react to any situation with dedicated supervision.

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Flexible, scalable and pay-per-use IaaS and cloud solutions

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