Your racks in a modular, secure and efficient data center

Rooms that grow with your business, operated by a support team available 24/7

Dedicated custom-made rooms with exclusive access configured according to your needs

Do you need more than a rack or a cube? We have more than 8,000 square meters to build rooms tailored to your business.

With access restriction measures so that only you can access your equipment.

Unlimited space with flexible facilities to accommodate your needs.

We design the room based on your certifications and the energy, security and air conditioning systems you need.

We advise and support you at every stage of the process, helping you make the best decisions.

Security and protection in customized rooms with fire detection and extinction and perimeter security solutions.

Connection with any provider in a neutral and secure way thanks to our Meet-Me-Rooms with redundancy.

Racks and modular rooms with the best technology

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