A modular data center and cloud solutions for a company in constant expansion

A success story from Enreach

The challenge

Enreach Spain needed to find a partner that could offer scalable and redundant data center solutions to expand its capacity and in which to locate its infrastructure. Their biggest challenge was to be able to offer their clients a cloud communications model in a short period of time and in various geographic locations. This service required a very stable, redundant and scalable platform, capable of evolving at the same pace and in the same way that the market evolves.

The solution

Fulfilling Enreach Spain’s need for immediacy, in less than a month we implemented, on the one hand, a collocation solution for interconnection with operators, as well as redundant Internet connectivity and, on the other, a customized cloud infrastructure solution which allows Enreach Spain to grow at the pace that its demand requires.

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Enreach offers convergent communication solutions for businesses in more than 25 countries in Europe and has more than 2.3 million users who communicate using its technology. Their presence in Spain was defined, from December 2019, with the integration of Masvoz, and later, in 2021, when Telsome joined. A year later, they began operating as Enreach Spain and developing their service catalogue towards solutions that went far beyond voice.

Their most popular product is the Omnichannel Contact Center solution that allows clients to communicate and serve their users by telephone, WebChat, WhatsApp, email, SMS and Click&Talk, optimizing conversations through artificial intelligence. Added to this is a virtual switchboard service, Enreach Contact, which unifies corporate communications with mobile telephony, fibre, video conferencing and collaboration tools.

We started working with the Enreach Spain team more than 10 years ago, when they were Masvoz, one of the most disruptive companies in the sector, and we have been witnesses and allies of this growth and evolution until it became a global company.

From national company to European multinational in a short time

In 2002, the Masvoz project began, establishing itself as a distributor of services for large operators and later to begin to develop, gradually and in response to the requests of its clients, its own communications services platform. At that point, they also had to hire data center services in which to locate their infrastructure and offer a cloud communications model. Still as Masvoz, they developed their own Cloud Contact Center solution, their star product, and became an operator, but with a more innovative offer adapted to the real needs of the country’s companies than the other traditional operators.

Within this framework, in 2019 they became a part of Enreach and later, in 2022, began operating in Spain under the name of this European multinational communications services company. From less than 100 workers, they have now grown to more than 1,100, with 300 people dedicated to R&D, which provides the company with an innovative force that allows it to constantly expand its portfolio of solutions and offer them to all companies in the country and the rest of the continent.

With more than 25 offices spread across Europe, the Enreach group’s expected turnover for 2022 was more than €250 million. The company serves more than 2.3 million people and manages more than 500,000 conversations a day.

“We have more than 100 servers and we can manage up to 1,500 concurrent calls. If there is an incident, response time is critical, as it may mean keeping or not keeping a client. Adam’s response time has always been incredible.”

Alejandro Vega, Teamlead IT Enreach

A highly competitive portfolio of converged communications solutions

In Spain we are experiencing a massive and unstoppable migration of communications services to the cloud, so Enreach is in an expanding sector with strong competition. Their differentiating factor is that they offer companies a very complete portfolio of convergent communications products and services that allow them to integrate all forms of communication (voice, landline, mobile, video, chat, email, social networks, etc.) in one intuitive, flexible environment, 100% controlled by the user and accessible from anywhere.

Another of their “hallmarks” is the relationship they establish with their clients, who become partners and whom they help to develop their business and for whom they create personalized solutions. At Enreach Spain they perfectly understand the market in which they operate and how it has evolved from voice to a set of platforms and channels (chatbots, WhatsApp, Telegram, and social networks, among others), which is why they focus on offering a real, convergent omnichannel solution, in which a user can also call by phone. The important thing is to solve the client’s need in the shortest time possible, regardless of the contact method they use.

Omnichannel Contact Center and Enreach Contact, the star solutions

Currently, Enreach Spain’s focus is on developing its star products: Omnichannel Contact Center and Enreach Contact. Omnichannel Contact Center makes it easier for companies to communicate with their users by phone, Webchat, WhatsApp and email, while optimizing conversations with the help of artificial intelligence. Furthermore, its virtual switchboard service, Enreach Contact, has become a complete unified communications solution, with mobile telephony, fibre, video conferencing and collaboration tools. With it, their clients can communicate both internally and externally, with employees and customers.

As a result of the increase in teleworking, these cloud communication solutions have become indispensable for most companies. In fact, Enreach’s sales during the 2020 lockdown increased by 300% and they were able to help many companies implement a cloud communications system in 24 hours. This required a great effort and expansion of Enreach’s abilities, which was undertaken, in large part, using the infrastructure and cloud services of Adam.

“We chose Adam because we needed a very stable, highly redundant and scalable platform.”

Alfred Nesweda, CEO of Enreach Spain

The priority: A very stable, highly redundant and scalable platform

The challenge that Enreach was facing when they contacted us required a flexible data center that would allow them to grow quickly and immediately in various geographic locations, but at the same time, do so in a stable and redundant way.

After a visit by the Enreach Spain technical team to our facilities, learning how our data centers are structured and expanded in a modular way, and observing with their own eyes our efforts in energy saving, they were convinced that we were the ally that met their demands and so they chose us.

We implemented, on the one hand, a collocation solution for interconnection with operators, as well as redundant Internet connectivity and, on the other, a customized cloud solution in less than a month.

But Enreach Spain’s challenge does not end here. The company continues to grow and develop its products in anticipation of market needs, without affecting the quality of its service. The joint work we have done in this regard has allowed us to be at the same level as their primary data center and to be Enreach’s choice for the growth of its infrastructure.

The keys to the project: flexibility, speed and 24/7 support

The objective of Enreach Spain is to become a benchmark in the sector of convergent communications solutions for companies. To achieve this, the project that Adam implemented is based on these three essential pillars:

  • Flexibility: Adam’s solution for Enreach Spain allows the infrastructure to evolve, grow and expand, while limiting the resources used in that process, that is to say, it does this in an intelligent way.
  • Speed: Enreach Spain needed an immediate response from their partner to resolve several customer cases as quickly as possible. After a week, we began to carry out the first tests and, within a month, we had already launched the service, which allowed us to meet the company’s needs.
  • 24/7 support: more than 1,500 concurrent calls can be managed through Enreach Spain products, so a disruption in the service can mean the loss of a customer. In that regard, the advice of our expert team has been key to setting up a solution that supports this volume of data and, in the event of an incident, everything can be resolved without a problem.

“When we met with Adam, it was spectacular. On the first visit, I was impressed by how the data center is structured to grow intelligently and the effort made in energy savings.”

Alejandro Vega, Teamlead IT Enreach