Backup services and disaster recovery plan

Ensure the continuity of your business and the security of your critical data in the event of any incident. Immediately recover your IT services and applications.

Anticipate problems

Ensure the continuity of your business

Comply with your disaster recovery plan and ensure high availability of your services, configuring your backup with any cloud or physical system.

Protect your data

Protect your data with our backup service. Your information will be replicated in secure, external, encrypted storage.

This is how our backup service works

Our backup solution is based on Commvault® technology and allows you to analyse, backup, recover, reproduce, archive and search data and information, as well as manage operations across multiple instances.

This ensures agile decision-making on archiving rules and storage policies, with modern, unified operations management in a single product.

Our service modalities

Adam Backup Commvault® Service

Copy and recovery of services between IaaS Madrid and IaaS Barcelona (VSA Copy)

Replication of services between IaaS Madrid and IaaS Barcelona

Why choose our backup services?

Automation of tasks

You won’t need complex scripts to automate tasks based on your policies.

A secure environment

You will have role-based access control to maintain the security of your environment and reduce your administrative burden.

Carry out off-site backups

You can run secondary backup copies in one of the other of our data centers in Madrid or Barcelona.

Greater backup efficiency

We will identify and remove duplicate blocks of data from Windows, Linux, and UNIX operating systems with deduplication.

Immediate reports and alerts

You will have a clear, real-time view of all data management operations with the alerts and reports function.

Different service options

Depending on the needs or characteristics of your business, we offer you managed or unmanaged backups.

Managed or unmanaged security backups: which is the best option for your business?

Two storage space options in blocks of 250 GB, 500 GB and 1 TB and with easy access to your backup storage

Adam backup TB space with VLAN + IaaS Proxy Server

Your server platform connects to the backup platform through a private network. At the source, a proxy server is installed that will simultaneously act as a firewall for backup connections.

Adam backup TB space using public proxy access

An online backup solution through the Commvault platform that performs backup through your WAN network against the proxy server collocated in our infrastructure.

Do you need more information to choose your best backup option?

Ask for a meeting with our expert team.

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