Committed to sustainability

Our priority is to generate the minimum impact possible on the environment and use energy in an efficient and sustainable way by applying technological innovations and action protocols for a better future.

As part of the Climate Neutral Data Center Pact, so that Europe is carbon neutral in 2050, we continuously monitor our CO2 emissions and minimize our carbon footprint.

At Adam we use 100% sustainable energy sources to run our data centers.

We install solar panels in our data centers

The exterior of what will be, at the end of 2024, our 4th data center in the Parc de l’Alba in Cerdanyola del Vallès, will be completely covered with solar panels. This investment will allow us to generate 40% of the energy consumed in the data center itself.

We have already applied this type of installation to the roofs of the parking area and the roofs of our headquarters, the data center of the Vallès Technology Park, where we have installed solar panels that generate 2% of the energy we consume in that center. This allows us to reduce our energy consumption in the same proportion and be more efficient.

We are committed to the sustainable mobility of our workers

Our commitment to sustainability reaches even to the travel habits of our team members. For this reason, we provide electric company cars and make work trips by train.

a. 3% of company cars used by employees are electric vehicles and do not generate emissions while travelling. Annually we avoid the emission of an average of 320 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere.

b. For longer distances and trips between our data centers in Madrid and Barcelona, employees use the train and never the plane. We thus avoid the emission of a monthly average of 1,500 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Zero water use in our cooling systems

We cool our data centers by direct expansion, that is, without the use of water, which avoids aggravating the environmental impact in the region due to water scarcity or drought.

In addition, we avoid possible contamination of the land due to the presence of chemicals in the water, and we save the energy that we would invest in pumping, treating and distributing it through the cooling system, so we are more efficient, and we reduce the risk of leaks that may damage infrastructure and equipment.

We are the first Spanish collocation company to use Free Cooling systems

Our data centers in Madrid and Barcelona use our own cooling solution using Free Cooling based on controlling the introduction of outside air. This system reduces cooling needs and allows us to be much more energy efficient, reducing our environmental impact.

We were the first to implement it in the collocation sector in our country and we are still one of the few companies that uses it. We continue studying the dynamics of the rooms to improve the cooling systems and make them increasingly more efficient, whatever the atmospheric conditions.

We received the Certificate of Compliance with the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact

Having this seal officially includes us in the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact (CNDCP), so that European data centers achieve climate neutrality by 2030. This recognition is a great milestone for Adam, as it reinforces and guarantees our commitment to sustainability in areas of energy efficiency, water use, reuse of heat, monitoring and other work groups.

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