Infrastructure as a service


Create virtual machines easily with latest-generation processors.

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Customize your storage type, capacity, and speed, depending on your needs.

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Networks and connectivity

All of the network and connectivity options we offer at Adam are available in our laaS environments.

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Get maximum protection for your laaS platform through customizable firewall virtualization and VDOM services.

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What our laaS environments offer

Deploy your projects on a laaS platform in minutes with predefined images from different operating systems.
Make use of automation and resources to make scaling your services simpler to define and implement new business processes in an agile and flexible way.
Stay up-to-date with us. With Adam you won't have to worry about infrastructure maintenance, new equipment and obsolescence. We'll make sure you're working with the latest technology.
Integrate and expand capacities from your legacy infrastructure more easily and accelerate your digital transformation with our open-code laaS platforms.
Improve back-end performance when you move critical applications and processes to the cloud. Connect via APIs and manage your data securely.
Connect your physical servers with a low-latency cloud platform for access to additional resources on demand.
We work with a pay-per-use model, which allows you to scale your cloud platform and select connectivity options depending on your budget.
Open source
We use and collaborate with the OpenStack platform, an open source cloud solution supported by hundreds of technology companies.

What our clients say:

“The connectivity is perfect and very fast. We wouldn't have this with any other kind of operator.”

Marcel Jorba Peña, IT Operations Director at Areas Spain

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