Data center and IaaS for a SaaS that automates company processes

A success story from eGestiona

The challenge

eGestiona was looking for a partner to migrate physical infrastructures to virtualized solutions, having a fully scalable and redundant platform in Madrid and Barcelona. The company required services that would allow it to manage a substantial volume of data for large and critical clients.

The solution

We started 9 years ago, designing an IaaS solution with physical equipment, collocation and connectivity for eGestiona. Recently, they decided to migrate their entire infrastructure to IaaS, and currently use resources from two of our data centers in Barcelona (PTV) and Madrid (TecnoAlcalá) with backup services.

eGestiona is a benchmark in the SaaS software sector for document management and maintenance of all necessary documentation between companies and contractors and subcontractors, and companies and suppliers, and access control and clocking-in solutions.

Their solutions allow you to control, manage and update company documentation , simplifying processes and saving resources. This company based in Vitoria frees businesses from this arduous task, so that they don’t have to be waiting on either the collection of information or the expiry of documents.

Thus, this cloud system was born with the intention of automating and facilitating the tasks of collecting and validating online documentation for eGestiona customers in order to comply with the national and international regulatory framework, such as the prevention of occupational risks, the environment, control access and clocking-in and the coordination of business activities.

An integrated platform in the cloud with a lot of potential is born

eGestiona was born from the union of two partners: Eduardo Uriarte Arbulu, industrial engineer and expert in the implementation of ISO certifications, and Alfredo Murcia Gonzalez de Uriarte, telecommunications engineer and expert in the development of cloud solutions.

When the 2007 Contracting Law came into force, which obliges companies to manage the control of their contractors and subcontractors, as well as to know if their workers are approved at the level of occupational risk prevention, they detected a need in companies with a lot of potential and developed an application that automates the process of coordinating business activities. This is a necessity that unites the world of ISO certifications and the software world.

“Adam has become an essential part of the company. We value very positively their advice, and the technical and commercial service they offer us.” They are our reference for data centers.”

Alfredo Murcia, General Director of eGestiona

16 years of growth and continuous improvement, their differentiator

After 16 years of developing the tool, it allows:

  • Automating of unstructured processes of companies, both related to the environment, and to occupational risk prevention, quality or other legislative diagnoses.
  • It offers solutions in access control and clocking-in, digital signatures, and more: it is fully integrated with the rest of the companies’ platforms (SAP, PeopleSoft, Meta4, ValidatedID DocuSign or Signature-IT, among others).
  • It offers its own API solutions so that both they and their contractors can integrate with any third-party environment.

This different and unique business model in the market is what mainly differentiates them from their competitors, since these are in the prevention sector and need to develop a software solution to be able to undertake management, while eGestiona is a software company, focused only on developing and improving it.

As such, it is the tool that adapts to the customer and not the other way around. If a customer requests an application that eGestiona’s standard solution does not yet support, they can generate it because their team is made up of specialized software developers.

Integration with BSG to continue growing

In June 2021, eGestiona joined the VVV Business Software Group, a group of independent companies focused on manufacturing, marketing, implementation and vertical business management software. BSG currently has a total of 150 workers in Spain and a partner network of more than 200 people, in addition to serving customers around the world. eGestiona already has a tool in practically all the languages that customers may ask for.

The monthly volume that this company handles is about 800,000 contracted and subcontracted workers, about 60,000 contractors, as well as a volume of 350,000 documents managed by its partners and customers. They have become a benchmark in different market sectors, such as telecommunications, energy or the banking sector and work with companies such as Telefónica, Banco Sabadell, Amazon, Microsoft, Repsol, Iberdrola, ING Direct, Novartis, Sanitas, Michelin or Colonial.

“What satisfies us most is the personal treatment we have with them, both at a technical and commercial level, as well as at the consulting level for new solutions.”

Alfredo Murcia, General Director of eGestiona

Choosing a data center, the most important decision

For a company that constantly grows and evolves like eGestiona, selecting a data center that fits its needs was a fundamental pillar on which to sustain the business.

From the moment they contacted us, they emphasized that they needed a fully scalable, secure and redundant platform, and at the same time a strategic partner to support them as they grew the tool and the service, which would become another department within the company. And that is what we have strived to be.

“What we value most about Adam’s service is the support and professionalism, the internal management when it comes to solving incidents, tickets and requests at any level.”

Aitor Domínguez, Director of Systems at eGestiona

“Adam has become another department in eGestiona.”

Nine years ago, relations between eGestiona and Adam began and, over time, we have become a long-term supplier, with whom they can develop physical and virtualized solutions. Through our technical and commercial team, we advise and support them in the construction of new solutions, which has made us part of eGestiona and we believe that they are part of Adam.

Currently, eGestiona has its production and recovery service in our data center in Madrid TecnoAlcalá, and its continuity plan in Barcelona PTV, in Cerdanyola. The solution is based on a modular, scalable and redundant IaaS infrastructure, which allows them to continue being leaders in the sector.

The cloud tool with the most certifications in the sector

One of the great competitive advantages of eGestiona is that they are the only tool on the market in this sector that is certified with ISO 27001, ISO 20000, and ISO 27701, and we have just been certified with ISO 27017.

The first certification mentioned is a standard for information security, the second includes a set of efficient management processes for IT services, the third is an extension and improvement of the first with additional requirements, and the last concerns cloud application security.

In this way, the online management system offered by eGestiona, unlike the other applications on the market, is a tool that adapts to the customer’s needs at all times, both for large companies and SMEs.

“The stability and high availability of the service in a sector like ours is essential and for that synergy with the contracted data center is needed.”

Aitor Domínguez, Director of Systems at eGestiona