Maximum interconnection capabilities with our data centers

Our PoP Interconnect Remote MMR and DC Interconnect interconnection services allow you to establish connections with all communications providers.

The architecture of interconnections with our centers

Our interconnection services and their advantages

PoP Interconnect Remote MMR

  • Connections from our DPC’s to points of presence through our own dedicated fibre optic connections.
  • Available for connections of between 1 GB and 10 GB capacity, between the Adam-PTV and PoP-BCN and Adam-MAD and PoP-MAD1 centers.

What advantages do they have?

  • High availability and low cost.
  • Access to hundreds of telecommunications providers.

Data Center Interconnect

  • Tunnelled Level 2 links and redundancy to transport traffic over alternative circuits in case of incident.
  • Interconnections of between 100 MB and 10 GB capacity between our own data centers, in addition to PoP BCN and PoP MAD.

What advantages do they have?

Possibility of establishing DRS (disaster recovery system) and BCP (business continuity plan) contingency solutions between our own centers and third-party centers.

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