Support modalities

A 24/7 technical support team so that your business does not stop

We guarantee the operation of your critical infrastructure and the availability of the service with different support modalities.

What do our different levels of technical support include?

* What are the levels of impact?

Level A – NO SERVICE: Inoperative service, all functionalities disabled.

Level B – SEVERE IMPACT: Service with lowered performance, affecting functionalities.

Level C – MODERATE IMPACT: Service with lowered performance, affecting some of the functionalities.

Level D – NO IMPACT: 100% operational service, only changes or improvements are necessary.

How does our support team act when you need them?

They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

It is a highly-qualified, agile and efficient team that prioritizes reducing the resolution time of each request.

They keep you informed at all times of the progress or resolution of the work through our ticketing tool.

They will attend to you in a personalized, accessible and immediate way, without going through a switchboard.

They make intervention available to you through remote help in a very simple way.

They know the needs of each client and adapt to each type of company and operation.

Questions we are often asked about the support service

Would you like more information about our technical support modalities?

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