A solid data center capable of supporting them while they grow

A success story from Bluespace

The challenge

Bluespace wanted to find a data center and connectivity service provider capable of supporting them while they grow, with first-class facilities, technology, security and flexibility.

The solution

A very high availability data center to ensure business continuity, with a high level of security and customer service that stands out for its ability to monitor and support, and for its transparency and flexibility.

Bluespace was founded in 2002 in Barcelona. It is the first self-storage operator for individuals, companies and the self-employed in Spain with 50 centers between Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Bilbao. In the rest of the country it offers services and solutions through agreements with local operators.

In 2019, Bluespace expanded its operations in Portugal with 2 centers in Lisbon. In 2020 they began operating in France with 2 centers in Paris. In total there are 54 self-storage centers in 3 countries. Its 5-year expansion plan aims to reach 100 centers and 400 employees.

Bluespace is a company committed to sustainability, with projects for reducing energy consumption and reinforcing the sustainability of its facilities and operations.

An ambitious business expansion plan

Bluespace is a company in the midst of expansion. Its growth plans aim to double the number of facilities in 5 years, from 54 to 100, and to have 400 employees.

The challenge for Bluespace was to find a powerful partner for collocation and communications services that would allow them to reinforce and improve their existing infrastructure, as well as support their expansion plans. Its infrastructure consists of more than 70 servers and 3 interconnected MPLS networks supporting its presence in 3 countries.

Furthermore, Bluespace has the ambition of being the leader in the self-storage industry in both market share and customer satisfaction, and to this end they have prepared their technological infrastructure and internal processes in such a way as to strengthen the automation of services for employees as well as for their clients.

Technology is the other key point, apart from how people are treated, which helps Bluespace customers to experience the best service. As we delve deeper into the company’s digital transformation, systems begin to play a determining role, which is why the need for a data center with high availability becomes a critical requirement for avoiding business losses.

“The criteria for selecting a partner are: the highest security for storing our data and that of our clients, flexibility in services and accessibility in order to have the best technology for our needs.”

Vicenç Gonzalez, IT Manager

A data center with high security and availability

Bluespace has managed to improve the security of its infrastructure and the availability of its data and applications by working with Adam. Our three data centers in Madrid and Barcelona have the most advanced security measures, both in terms of perimeter security, security of access to the racks, and fire prevention and protection. In addition, we have a broad ecosystem of services and partners that allows us to reinforce network security through firewalls or mitigation of DDoS attacks.

With regards to connectivity, we are a neutral service provider, so we are able to offer the appropriate solution for each project and problem in a transparent manner.

Another aspect of Adam that brings peace of mind to Bluespace is the transparency in our management and service offering and the support we offer throughout the migration process. In addition to receiving timely information on all maintenance interventions, Bluespace has a control panel where they can check the bandwidth consumed in real time. They can also carry out procedures quickly and efficiently from this panel, such as requesting access or reporting incidents.

Peace of mind and the flexibility of a tailor-made service

Working with Adam has allowed Bluespace to migrate to a data center where their systems are covered by all the security and redundancy measures they need to guarantee their availability.

Bluespace now enjoys greater ease of management and communication thanks to the flexibility, accessibility and transparency of the services we provide.

Another great result is the peace of mind that comes from not having incidents, a key metric for any business that needs high availability to avoid losses and any impact on their reputation.

Furthermore, having an agile, flexible data center with the capacity to absorb its growth is allowing Bluespace to advance its expansion plans in a solid and safe manner.

“Having an agile, flexible data center with the capacity to absorb its growth is allowing Bluespace to advance its expansion plans in a solid and safe manner.”

Vicenç Gonzalez, IT Manager

Why a data center ensures solid growth

Vicenç Gonzalez, IT Manager at Bluespace, highlights the main benefits of having a robust and stable partner like Adam, who are capable of offering:

  • Flexibility of relying on Adam’s team as if it were their own.
  • Direct customer care that allows them to have a tailor-made service.
  • Peace of mind  of working with a highly secure data center.
  • Growth capacity in the data center that allows them to continue growing as a business.
  • Transparency in the management of services and control of its resources.

“We opted for Adam when we saw its facilities, saw that it is a data center in continuous renewal, the financial support it has behind it, the support team and the follow-up that is carried out with clients.”

Javier Pérez, IT Infrastructure & Support Manager