Load tests of our new Room 5 in the data center of the Vallès Technology Park

The new Room 5 of our data center located in the Vallès Technology Park (PTV), in Cerdanyola, near Barcelona, is already fitted out and tested. This new modular room is 300 square metres in size, has 500 kW of power and will allow us to accommodate approximately 110 racks for new clients and be able to scale the infrastructure of existing clients who require it.

What tests do we do to guarantee the operation of the new Room 5?

Within the process of constructing and launching a new room in any of our data centers, we carry out a process known as commissioning

This is one of the most important, critical and essential phases of the construction process because we test the facilities and verify that their behaviour and resilience are as expected. In short, we push the newly-installed infrastructure to its limit, to ensure that it supports these loads and, in this way, obtain a full guarantee that this room and its equipment will be able to provide the availability that the services we provide in it require.

Technically, this test consists of connecting load banks that generate a simulation of energy consumption and temperature well above its normal operation. For a minimum of 12 hours, we verify that the electrical and air conditioning installation, as well as the redundancy and the operation and emergency maneuvers, function correctly with a maximum load and that all the critical elements of the room are pushed to their limits.

All the load tests in the new Room 5 have been satisfactory and it is ready for marketing

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