10 improvements to our new cloud platforms

In a sector as challenging as ours, we work every day to continue improving our services and contribute to the digital transformation of both clients who have already trusted Adam and those who are yet to come.

And these are not just words, we are taking action: we have deployed new, more powerful, flexible, elastic and customizable IaaS platforms in our data center at the Vallès Technology Park (PTV), in Barcelona, to optimize the migration of systems and hybridizations of the companies we work with.

This is the schematic of these new IaaS platforms:

What advantages do these improvements have in IaaS?

Let’s get to the point. What does this novelty that we have implemented really mean?

💲Avoids large investments in equipment for our clients and allows us to work with a pay-per-use format based on business needs.

🌍 More accessibility of cloud services for clients looking for geographical proximity, with minimal latencies. 

☝ All our clients located on previous platforms can enjoy –from this very moment– the benefits of this evolution without any associated cost and through a coordinated migration

💶 This deployment does not modify our pricing structure, the rates remain the same .

🔐 We ensure compliance with the strictest national and European regulations.

What are the technical characteristics of these new platforms?

  1. Updated version of Openstack with an improved software base that increases the stability of actions on equipment.
  2. New state-of-the-art hardware, with exponential performance improvements in terms of computing capacity.
  3. Improvements to storage environments, both in SAS and NVME with new backends and more efficient data block management.
  4. New architecture in the integration of storage between different areas, which provides DRS services between platforms and improves the migration process by direct synchronization of volumes.
  5. This new architecture also provides minimal latencies between zones, making it easier to deploy clusters and contingency environments.
  6. Use of the same version as our MAD2 platform (Madrid), which allows the implementation of geo-replicated solutions.
  7. Complete connectivity at 10 Gb.
  8. Full access to the new control panel for comprehensive management of virtual instances.
  9. VLAN environments between different platforms.
  10. Access to copy / Backup VSA Commvault, both in NVME and SAS storage (a copy of the complete machine directly against the hypervisor), with the possibility of being able to restore on any platform in Barcelona (PTV2 / PTV3) or Madrid (MAD2)

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    This article has been written by

    Emilio Moreno
    Arquitecto Soluciones Cloud - IaaS