Our backup service has evolved with Virtual Server Agent

At Adam we work to ensure that all our services and solutions are up to date with the newest technologies and most advanced developments. That’s why we have evolved our backup with Commvault’s Virtual Server Agent (VSA) function

This service is incorporated into the Adam Backup platform and allows data protection and management in virtual server environments, in addition to being designed specifically for virtualization environments, such as Openstack. 

This tool is especially useful for organizations that manage large numbers of VMs and require a robust solution for data protection in virtual environments, as it allows you to copy files from a server in a granular way or also copy the entire machine.

What features and advantages does VSA provide for our clients?

These are the detailed functions and features of these Adam Backup Commvault VSA proxy servers or access nodes:

  • Protection and Recovery of Virtual Machines (VMs): VSA allows backup and recovery of virtual machines at the full image level, which means you can backup the entire VM, including the operating system, applications, and data.
  • Snapshots and Incremental Backups: VSA uses snapshot and incremental backup techniques to optimize the backup process and reduce the time and storage space required.
  • Integration with Virtualization Platforms: VSA integrates directly with virtualization platforms such as Openstack. This means you can efficiently interact with the hypervisor and perform VM backups and recoveries without disrupting normal operations.
  • Orchestration and Automation: provides orchestration and automation tools to efficiently schedule and manage VM backups and recoveries. This allows you to create custom data protection policies and ensure recovery time and recovery point objectives are met.
  • Centralized Management: provides a centralized management console from which you can manage and monitor all data protection operations, including virtual machine backups and recoveries.
  • Granular Recovery: VSA allows you to recover individual files or applications from VM backups. This is useful when you only need to restore specific parts of a virtual machine rather than the entire VM.
  • VM Replication and Migration: VSA also includes VM replication and migration capabilities, allowing you to move and maintain updated copies of VMs between different locations on our Openstack platforms, both in Madrid and Barcelona.

    In short, Commvault VSA is a complete data management solution designed specifically for virtualization environments, offering advanced virtual machine backup, recovery, replication, and migration capabilities.

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