Our support service is a User Support Center (USC) made up of specialized technicians at different levels where it is possible to report incidents and request technical support through service requests or remote help.

You can contact us through the Customer Portal or through the USC by opening a ticket using the email address support@adam.es or by calling the telephone numbers 934 465 000 and 911 161 770.

What information do you need to provide if there is an incident?

When reporting an incident, the details of the affected service need to be clearly stated.

  • For Data Center Services incidents, indicate the affected rack according to the location of the data center, floor, room and the number of the rack, cage or dedicated cube.
  • For IaaS Service incidents, state the name of the instance, location on the network and assigned address.
  • For Connectivity Services incidents, report the geographical location of the affected headquarters, the type of incident and whether the origin of the problem can be found in the equipment or in the network.
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