A service request is a billable work request that can be claimed through different channels:

  • By opening a ticket using the email soporte@adam.es 
  • By phoning our User Support Center (USC)
  • Via a commercial manager, through an offer, in the case of registering for a new service (with the exception of IaaS services)

Examples of service requests: 

  • Create, configure or modify a VPN service.
  • Create, configure or modify policies in an FW.
  • Create, configure or modify unmanaged or managed after-hours Backup policies.
  • Configuration, modification, routing and announcement of IP addresses.
  • Incorporation of additional IP addressing.
  • LAN and QoS configurations.
  • Create, configure or modify any type of IaaS or vDOM resource, etc.
  • Ad-hoc reports (statistics, network maps, etc.).
  • Additional training to that carried out initially upon start of service.
  • Meet-Me-Room and IN-Room interconnections
  • Replacements, modifications, migrations, transfer of configurations on equipment.
  • Requests for in-person support for audits.
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