What professional development opportunities exist in the data center industry?

The world increasingly depends on digital infrastructure such as data centers. As such, this sector, which requires high availability of the service, is at a time of strong growth and therefore of strong demand for highly-specialized personnel

The problem with this scenario is that there is no specific training aimed at professionals who want to dedicate themselves to the data center industry. In fact, data centers are great unknowns for students who, these days, must choose their careers. Concepts such as power, UPS, climates, collocation, peering points, energy capacity, ISO 27001, etc., are not at all familiar to them. 

It is true that the opacity of the sector for security reasons makes it even more difficult to understand, but it is an aspect that needs to begin to change.

The possibilities of career development in the data center sector

Currently, professionals in mechanical, electrical, electronic, systems, civil engineering, managed networks, computer engineering, as well as technical maintenance and operations teams, work in this industry, but there is a lack of a speciality in universities that encompasses all these specific aspects of the sector.

There are also many levels of specialization within the technical layers due to the existence of fire-fighting systems and other safety equipment that require electricians, communications technicians or refrigeration technicians, who may be the data centers own staff or those of partners, who require special training.

In addition, new needs are emerging related to aspects of sustainability, energy efficiency and specialized regulations, which must be covered in a future that is already nearly here.

    What specific training currently exists?

    Institutions such as the Uptime Institute or Spain DC are beginning to appear, which promote more specialized training, but they are not regulated courses. Therefore, trained personnel are very scarce and specific training needs to be given within the data centers themselves.  

    Most data centers have to develop training policies with a career plan in which workers are trained so that they can grow within the same company. Therefore, there is a symbiosis between company and employee, since currently it is the same companies that are in charge of training professionals in this highly-specialized sector, and this means the company and the worker mutually grow. 

    However, the lack of training and the strong demand for personnel also makes it necessary to work to retain talent and foster a relationship of belonging, as well as a good work environment, along with the possibilities of development and recognition, and without forgetting about social benefits either.

    To mitigate the lack of talent: Technological and automation solutions

    The shortage of professionals with specific training can be mitigated by certain technological and automation solutions such as Artificial Intelligence, but they are not a definitive solution, since a DPC is above all a physical infrastructure. 

    There are monitoring solutions such as DCIM that facilitate the tasks of the technical team, in addition to other recently emerging solutions such as remote help to provide support to technicians who must perform some complicated task. Even so, people continue to be key.

    The future of data centers

    The existence of these types of specialists trained specifically in data center work will determine the future of the sector. These professionals must also adapt to technological advances and emerging trends, deal with problem solving, learn to work as a team, communicate effectively and possess critical thinking. All these skills are and will be essential to work in an environment like ours, since DPCs are critical infrastructures.

    Our expert team trained at Adam

    At Adam we were pioneers in the construction of data centers, that is why we have a highly-qualified expert team, trained throughout the more than 30 years of the company’s life, who come from areas such as electronics, power, computing, telecommunications and refrigeration, among others.

    To address the growing shortage of new talent in the data center industry, we are committed to offering specialized training provided by our highest-level team to new talent joining our company, and also to continue fostering the incorporation of women in technical roles in the sector. Our goal is for our team, in a comprehensive manner, to feel part and participant in the project and in the constant transmission of knowledge to grow together within this sector.

    Our goal is for our team, in a comprehensive manner, to feel part and participant in the project and in the constant transmission of knowledge to grow together within this sector.

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