Everything you need to know as a client when planning a visit to Adam

When our clients have to physically visit us at one of our data centers in Madrid or Barcelona, they ask us questions about access methods and the use they can make of the facilities. It is logical that, knowing the technological and physical security measures of our centers, doubts or concerns may arise both about access and about the materials that can be brought or those that can be borrowed on site.

For this reason, our Service Level Manager, Albert Saball, answers the most frequently asked questions in these cases. If you have any other questions, write to us and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

What type of physical equipment can be requested at Adam?

In this case, by physical equipment, clients usually refer to ladders, wheelbarrows, chairs, and even rooms to work with their own equipment. In Adam’s technical or server rooms we have available, for the use of our clients, the following equipment:

  • Ladders with sufficient height to reach the highest positions in our facilities if necessary.
  • Consoles with screen, keyboard and mouse included, to which customer equipment can be connected.
  • A lift in case any heavy equipment needs to be handled.

Clients will be able to use these rooms in our data centers, but they must bear in mind that, for security reasons, there are no chairs or tables in them.

There are work rooms or offices for clients where there are chairs, tables, air conditioning and you can work comfortably. In the PTV (Vallès Technology Park) data center, this room is located on the ground floor and communicates with the reception, while in Madrid TecnoAlcalá the client room is on the first floor. Both rooms have WiFi access for clients.

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Can we connect to WiFi or 4G within the technical rooms of Adam’s data centers?

For security reasons and to avoid electromagnetic interference, Adam does not provide WiFi or 4G access in technical or server rooms. However, we do provide WiFi in the client room (or client work offices) and in common areas. 

Can I obtain credentials for accessing the portal and making requests? 

All our clients have access to the client portal; credentials must be requested from soporte@adam.es. In this site or online area, clients can manage support tickets, as well as view the status of Adam’s infrastructure and communications graphs or make requests for remote help, access, management of firewall rules, and interconnections, among other things.

    What are the access hours for the PTV data center with a vehicle? 

    Our PTV (Vallès Technology Park) data center can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

    However, as an additional security measure, access with vehicles without prior notice is between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m., Monday to Friday, and outside of those hours there is also full access, but the licence plate numbers of the vehicles must be sent to our support department for park security to provide access.

    Are there specific areas for unpacking?

    There is a specific area in our data centers where clients can unpack materials or equipment. It is important that our clients know that the equipment must go into the rooms completely unpacked to avoid dust and particles or flammable material entering. Therefore, it is not permitted to bring cardboard, corks, plastics or similar packaging into the technical rooms.

    What specific spaces can be accessed in Adam’s data centers?

    They may seem like minor questions, but once our clients are physically in our facilities, one of the most common questions is if they can use the bathroom. These are the spaces that clients can access:

    • The bathroom (yes, you can use the bathroom).
    • The common area with vending machines.
    • The technical rooms. 
    • The specific rooms (Meet-Me-Rooms) with racks for radio frequency and 4G equipment installations.
    • The work room for clients or offices (mentioned earlier in this text).

    adam data center client visit

    If there is an emergency, can the facilities be accessed?

    The facilities can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have security and permanent support. Clients can carry out their interventions taking into account that they will be able to access the facilities at any time and attend to on-site emergencies of their equipment when necessary. Furthermore, in case of an incident, Adam has a remote help service for their clients

    How should the client inform Adam of the arrival of material or communicate the tasks they will be performing at our facilities? 

    The client must notify Adam of any shipment of material that is going to be made to the data center or of any withdrawal of packages, by previously completing the corresponding forms available in the client area. Adam’s staff must always be aware of shipments to be able to attend to transportation, so that, if a delivery or collection request arrives and we do not have the corresponding request from a client, receipt or shipment is denied. 

    At Adam we have rooms where clients can store their material (for example, equipment or racks that they are going to install) temporarily, for a maximum of seven days.

    When the client submits a form, a ticket is opened in the ticketing programme and a response is generated to the client confirming the request. In this way, you can track the progress of ticket management (if more packages arrive than expected, if there is a delay, if all materials have been received, etc.).

    Do you have any other questions about access to our data centers?

    Write to us at soporte@adam.es or contact us through the Client Portal

    This article has been written by

    Albert Saball
    Service Level Manager