30 years as a home for your data

At Adam we just hit 30 years of experience in the TIC sector, where we offer maximum quality connectivity, accompany many companies in their digitalization and provide a home for numerous companies’ data. 

And to celebrate, we want to take a brief trip back through our history  and share some of our achievements from 1989 (the year Adam was founded) onward. 

Innovation, the foundation for our evolution  

Innovación como base de nuestra evolución

One of our objectives has always been and continues to be, the constant search for innovation.

As our general director, Jose Mejías, says “Innovation is part of our DNA. We’re constantly looking for audacious solutions that help distinguish us from our competitors.”

Our eagerness to always stay a step ahead has helped us become pioneers in many different areas of expertise. A few of our most outstanding milestones are: 

  • Being one of the first 4 ISPs in the Internet’s early days, and providing a network connection to the first companies who saw the potential, that today, we all recognize.
  • Having in place an MPLS network with more than 1,500 circuits, with multi-operator and multi-technology access, that’s connected and managed in a transparent way for our clients.
  • Designing, constructing, and operating one of the first national data centers for the placement of mission-critical computer equipment.
  • Developing Adam DataBOX, a totally modular and transportable data center, that can withstand an outdoor installation if necessary, with all of the security and redundancy characteristics that a space for equipment storage needs.
  • Reducing the energy use of our data centers thanks to the use of highly efficient infrastructures and Free Cooling techniques to achieve cooling through cold air filtered in from outside.

Our infrastructures

To provide service to more than a thousand companies, we’ve had to grow our infrastructures over the years, and we’re very proud of all that we’ve achieved. In 2001, we opened our first data center, and one of the first in the country, in Barcelona.

In 2010, we inaugurated our second data center in Madrid, and in 2013, the third, in Vallès Technological Park. Together, these centers present a total of more than 5,000 m2 for data storage and 5MW of electrical capacity.

In our most recent data center, located in Vallés, we’re applying new solutions to work on one of our biggest worries at present: energy efficiency.

For this reason, we use technologies like Free Cooling to make the most of outside weather conditions in cooling our technical chambers, to reduce cooling units’ electrical usage. 

During these past 30 years, we’ve created many solutions for security and connectivity for our clients and helped them grow with us. And we just hope that thanks to the solvency, and stability provided by our own capital and financial independence, we can be the center your data calls home for another 30 years.

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