Results of our Satisfaction Survey Maximum commitment to our clients

Providing the best customer service possible is our number one priority and it’s something we know sets us apart from our competitors. The tool that periodically helps us to measure the degree of satisfaction of our clients is the Client Satisfaction Survey

Our 2023 evaluation

As in previous years, we invited our customers to participate in the survey. We focused especially on questions  that evaluate the characteristics of the service. In all questions, our scores are above 4, with 5 being the highest score.

To mention some of the most significant indicators, on average, our clients evaluated us as:

encuesta de satisfacción adam data center

What stands out in the results obtained is the positive assessment that our clients gave for the attention they received in response to questions about our level and quality of services. More than 90% of clients say we have been extremely or very responsive in all aspects of support. 

If we review the evolution of some of these most relevant indicators over the years, we can see an annual improvement in the level of satisfaction:

Adam’s NPS: our clients recommend us

The survey also allows us to measure the level of client loyalty based on the so-called Net Promoter Score that measures the probability of clients recommending a brand or company. In this case we obtain an NPS of 76, which is a number well above what is considered satisfactory (above 50 is already above average in an absolute sense).

encuesta de satisfacción adam data center

“Keep it up”

Beyond the numerical answers, we like to leave a space open for our clients’ comments. Here are some of the comments they put:

  • “Being with Adam has allowed us to stabilize our platform and gives us security concerning those aspects that Adam manages: power grid, internet, secure space, etc. We also highly value their professionalism when providing advice”
  • “For me, you are one of the few serious data center companies. Keep it up”
  • “We are receiving the service and attention we had hoped for”
  • “We are very satisfied with the level of service and attention we receive. Adam Barcelona’s technicians are a 10 out of 10”
  • “For us, the service is somewhat expensive, but considering the quality, security and treatment we receive, we are willing to pay for it”
  • “After contacting the Partners department, we hope to strengthen our relationship with you and your clients”

Conclusions: Improving year after year

Since 2019, the results of this survey have improved steadily and significantly, which tells us that our clients are increasingly satisfied with the services they contract with us.

This is the best motivation for us to continue working on our excellence objectives.

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