Project Edge Data Center with Madrid’s Polytechnic University

As a part of Adam’s I+D strategy, we develop research projects to improve energy efficiency in data centers. Our goal is for the improvements obtained from these projects to contribute to and benefit society.

Adam has established a collaboration with various partners, among them Madrid’s Polytechnic University, with the objective of developing the Grid E project, consisting of investigating and developing an integral new system optimizing and coordinating management with energy generation, storage, cooling, and computation capacities in high-performance data centers. By using immersion tanks with biphase fluid for cooling, this system reduces energy use, as well as the use of renewable generation sources to maximize the cost-effectiveness of installations in high-volume data analysis centers.

Financed by: FEDER/Ministery of Science, Innovation, and Universities – State Agency for Research/ Grid-E_RTC-2017-6090-3.

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