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Backup de respaldo

Backup and Storage

Backup online

From our facilities, we offer Backup service that guarantees the security of the information and the storage.

We base our Backup service in Commvault software technology.The system is designed from zero in a single platform and it is based in an unified code that allows us to manageall the information. We can modernize data protection and operations, and with this it is easy to manage different products.

Our Backup services is offered by two operationg modes: managed by Adam or by the customer

We also offer Storage solutions by different levels of service. Our Storage services are providedfrom our servers/racks in high availability (Ha). It depends on the customers request, we offerdifferent solutions.


  • Archiving and long-term retention of the information
  • Removing the duplicate blocks of the Backup
  • Possibility of protecting the virtual machines in a short period time
  • Managing snapshots to automate the creation of hardware copies in the storage space
  • Recovery of the unused capacity