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Proveedor multioperador

Access technologies:

Red troncal de Adam

Adam is a multioperator supplier of access services. As a differential value, Adam, provides high-availability links over dedicated circuits and xDSL technologies with several transport operators. Adam uses Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) technologies to incorporate the links to our own communications ring.

It not only allows granting the connection of serveral branches in the event of a failure of the access devices (routers) or the copper cable, but it also assures that the traffic will flow through independent networks (which come from diferent operators). Besides, Adam has exchange points and agreements with the main owners of the network in the country. This provides to our customers the best access technology for every branch depending on the requirements, independent of the final proprietary operator of the network.

Beneficios de las tecnologías de acceso

  • Adam assures the customer the best technology between the available operators
  • Neutral communication's access point
  • High availability
  • End-to-end network management

Access technologies:

Adam provides the following options for Internet acces or private virtual network (VPN) creation.

  • SDH and PDH circuits
  • Fiber Optic circuits
  • Radio links
  • Ehternet connections
  • xDSL technologies (ADSL, VDSL, SHDSL)