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Adam FileBox

Adam FileBox

Alojamiento archivos

Secure and personalized collaborative data storage solution

Adam FileBox is a robust and secure file synchronization and storage service for businesses. The tool is designed to facilitate the exchange of documents and folders between users, with easy access from anywhere through workstations, web, tablets and mobile devices.

Adam FileBox provides access to data through a web interface, while allowing the users to synchronize and share files through a wide range of devices in a secure way and with the supervision of the administrator. The tool manager or administrator can register and manage users through an intuitive interface, being able to delimit the disk volume for each member or their passwords.

Adam FileBox is based on OwnCloud, and is provided through Adam's datacenters in Barcelona and Madrid, guaranteeing the integrity and availability of the service, as well as complying with the LOPD requirements in terms of data hosted in Spain, and custody and security of the information (ISO 9001 and ISO 27001).

FileBox Interface

Benefits of Adam FileBox

  • File version control (allows access to older versions).
  • Secure access from any platform.
  • Continuously synchronized information.
  • Multi-device access.
  • Collaborative tool for companies.
  • Allows file sharing with third parties.
  • No user limit.

Secure and accessible data

Adam FileBox allows you to access critical business information anytime, in a simple and completely secure way.

  • Data hosted in Adam's platforms.
  • 24x7 service support.
  • SSL encrypted information.
  • Management of certified information (ISO 9001 and ISO 27001).
  • Data hosted whithin national territory, according LOPD requirements.
  • Creation, suppression and management of profiles, accesses and passwords (Administrator).
  • Assignment of space per user (Administrator).
  • Based on OwnCloud, transparent open source development platform.