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We're funded by private capital and our company's part of an important industrial group. Because we're financially solvent, we're also able to maintain ownership of our installations and face present and future projects and challenges with a unique sense of stability and dependability.

Our journey


Adam's born. We start out as pioneers, commercializing computers assembled from components.


Adam is one of the first four ISPs in Spain—being pioneers is in our DNA.


We open one of the first data centers in Spain, with 500m2 of space and 1 mW of electrical power.


We create DataBOX: These data centers in ISO maritime containers are transport-ready and can be used to scale up your infrastructure in modules.


We inaugurate a second data center with 3000m2 of space, a modular design, and 2 mW of power. Rooms are cooled with free cooling technology.


We start actively collaborating with the OpenStack project and we launch our own cloud platform based on this technology.


The Lusitania II supercomputer is installed in one of our DataBOX.


We're building our next data center, which will be one of the most modern in Southern Europe. We plan to open the space in October 2020.

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