A solid company experiencing rapid growth

We're a solid, secure, and innovative company, with one of the most modern data centers in Southern Europe. We provide the infrastructure you need when you need it, growing with your company and accompanying you as challenges come up.

Our values


We offer our services from our three data centers, all managed by experienced technical teams who undergo continuous training to stay up to date.

In good company

For us, it’s important to build (and maintain) a direct and close relationship with our clients, so that we can help them make the best decision for every circumstance.


We're always looking to the future, researching and developing new solutions to help us continue moving forward and addressing your needs. We’re active participants in key projects such as OpenStack and are dedicated to finding solutions to improve energy efficiency.


Our latest data center, one of the most modern in the south of Europe, is being developed with 100% our own capital, highlighting our ability to grow and develop our own investments.

We care about helping our planet. We’re deeply committed to environmental sustainability, optimizing our use of energy, and using 100% renewable energy sources.

We adapt to your company’s needs and projects to provide you with the most appropriate, effective, and scalable solution so that you can grow without any obstacles getting in your way.

What our clients say

“Adam helped us take control and get the knowledge we needed about the networks we were using with diverse providers. They were a key part of helping us make the right decisions at a time when we weren't as mature technically or operationally.”

“With Adam, it’s always easy for us to get things going quickly. They're flexible and friendly.”

“Adam’s flexible. They adapt to our system plans and give us the ability to grow fast. And having a contingency, having someone you know who’s available and approachable, gives you peace of mind.”

“Adam provides us high availability, proximity, and a lot of value because with them we can find existing solution and even come up with new solutions together as needed”

“One of the things that I also like about Adam is the fact that there’s a great plan for growth, and I really know that when I need room to grow, I'll have space in the data center to do so, something that we was impossible with other providers without major investments not just in money, but in time, to expand significantly.”

“With Adam we’ve found a partner not just in housing services, but rather in complete solutions to manage our telematic infrastructure. We’re very content with Adam’s services, availability, and customer service, too.”

Our certifications

ISO 9001

A set of standards certifying the quality of a management system including its installations, equipment, services and equipments.

ISO 27001

A certificate of secure information management ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data.

Esquema Nacional de Seguridad

The Esquema Nacional de Seguridad (ENS) is a set of principles and requirements for ongoing security management.


INCIBE is a public institution from the Spanish government tasked with the development of cybersecurity, trust, and privacy protection for strategic sectors.

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