Manage your infrastructure wherever and whenever you like

Take full control of your services with our management tools.

IaaS management tools

Easy resource management

Manage your systems and resources with a complete control panel that lets you make changes as needed in seconds.

API access for full flexibility

For greater flexibility, you can access your cloud infrastructure directly through our API from your own applicative.

Fast deployment with images

Create your virtual servers faster than ever using custom images, configured according to your needs.

Respond quickly to variations in peak demand

Keep track of your infrastructure's workload with greater precision and create rules to respond automatically in case of peak demand.

Easy and automated migrations

Transfer your infrastructure to the cloud simply and automatically with our migration tools.

What our clients say:

"Adam provides us with high availability, proximity, and a lot of added value from being able to find existing and even come up with brand new solutions together."

Eduard Bernabé, CEO at Dagram

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Deploy your applications and services in minutes and pay only for what you use with a flexible infrastructure that adapts to your needs.


Protect your information and guarantee continuity for your business with an encrypted, redundant, and externally located backup service.

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Take control of your infrastructure and adapt it to your company’s changing needs with our laaS services.