An infrastructure that adapts to your business

Deploy IT infrastructure in a fast, agile, and flexible way with our laaS services.



We use OpenStack to manage our laaS platform. OpenStack is an open code project with a solid ecosystem and an active community driven by cutting-edge companies.


Create virtual machines easily with latest generation processors and improve performance.


You'll have access to all of the memory necessary to execute your applications with agility and speed, and no complications.


Storage SAS, FLASH, S3

Podrás seleccionar la opción de almacenamiento que más te convenga, siempre con la capacidad y velocidad de acceso que mejor se adapte a tus necesidades y tu presupuesto.


Virtual firewall

Protect your systems with a virtual firewall customized to your security needs.

Virtual private network

Locate your backend systems and databases or manage sensitive processes in a private and secure cloud environment, disconnected and isolated from the Internet.


Networks and Connectivity

Connect with any of the operators we work with in a neutral and redundant way.

Load balancing

Distribute the load of your cloud applications in a secure, scalable way, and ensure the continuous availability of your services.

Floating IPs

Increase the availability of your services with the use of floating IPs shared among various virtual servers.

What our clients say:

"Adam provides us with high availability, proximity, and a lot of added value from being able to find existing and even come up with brand new solutions together."

Eduard Bernabé, CEO at Dagram

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Management tools

We offer a complete set of resource management tools that give you full control of your systems.


Protect your information with an externally located redundant backup service and guarantee your business continuity.

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