Modular data colocation

Locate your servers in a flexible, efficient, and secure infrastructure.

Modular data center


Colocate your servers in single or multiple racks with high availability electrical power distribution, perimeter security, and guaranteed connectivity.

Private cages

If you need a space with exclusive or limited access within a shared room, you can locate your equipment in private cages that only you can enter.

What you will find in our data centers

Neutral connectivity

Each of our data centers have two redundant communication or "meet-me" rooms, both with independent routes to guarantee your connectivity.

Technical support and remote hands 24/7

Our support center is available 24/7 to be your remote hands (and eyes) and realize any basic tasks your equipment needs.

Efficient room cooling

Our advanced cooling systems leverage external temperatures to reduce electrical usage and increase energy efficiency.

100% renewable energy use

We're committed to taking care of the environment.100% of the energy we use in our data centers comes from renewable energy sources.

Intrusion prevention security

Our data centers are protected via video surveillance, controlled access, intrusion prevention systems, perimeter sensors, and security personnel 24/7.

Fire prevention and extinguishing

Our early detection system includes real-time air analysis. We also have NOVEC 1230-based fire-extinguishing mechanisms in place.

What our clients say:

"Adam provides us with high availability, proximity, and a lot of added value from being able to find existing and even come up with brand new solutions together."

Eduard Bernabé, CEO at Dagram

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Our data centers

Our data centers are designed as modular units so that we can offer you the best technology and security available.

Custom private rooms

We create a space for you and your infraestructure, made to meet your specifications.

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From a rack cabinet to a dedicated cube, in our data centers you will find colocation services that meet your needs.