Exclusive, custom-built rooms

Dedicated rooms with exclusive access, set up to suit your needs.

What you get with a custom room

Exclusive use of a private room

Your private room will be dedicated exclusively to you, with measures in place to restrict access to your equipment to only you.

No space limits

Our installations are flexible and can be modified to meet your space needs

Custom design and build

We design and build your room according to your requirements and needs for compliance, energy, security, and cooling.

Advice and support

We'll be with you every step of the way, helping you make decisions that propel your business forward.

Neutral connectivity

You’ll be able to connect with any and all providers on a neutral and secure basis, thanks to our redundant meet-me rooms.

Security and protection

Fire prevention solutions and perimeter security are included in all our custom room projects.

What our clients say:

"Adam provides us with high availability, proximity, and a lot of added value from being able to find existing and even come up with brand new solutions together."

Eduard Bernabé, CEO at Dagram

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Modular colocation

Our three data centers in Barcelona and Madrid are designed as modular units in order to offer you the best technology and security at all times.

Our data centers

Our data centers are designed as modular units so that we can offer you the best technology and security available.

Build a custom room with us

Tell us what your data center needs are and we will help you address them with a custom colocation solution.