A data center right where you need it

A complete, high capacity data center in a fully moveable shipping container.

A moveable colocation solution

Adam DataBOX is a modular, moveable, and high capacity colocation solution you can use as:

Colocation for processing systems, storage, and networks.

A backup unit to ensure continuity for your business.

Housing infrastructures and private clouds

A modular and scalable expansion of an existing data center

DataBOX advantages

Adapts to your needs

We design and build each DataBOX according to your needs.


Cooling and energy systems designed for reduced and efficient energy usage.


Our containers are treated with an anticorrosive to allow for outdoor placements.

Solid and secure

Interior surveillance cameras, 8 anchoring points, environmental sensors, and fire-extinguishing systems. Your data center, secure and protected around the clock.


DataBOX is a modular design that adjusts to your needs with flexible customization in the installation of electrical and cooling systems, number of racks and connectivity.

What our clients say:

"Adam provides us with high availability, proximity, and a lot of added value from being able to find existing and even come up with brand new solutions together."

Eduard Bernabé, CEO at Dagram

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Modular colocation

Our three data centers in Barcelona and Madrid are designed as modular units in order to offer you the best technology and security at all times.

Custom private rooms

We create a space for you and your infraestructure, made to meet your specifications.

Discover the advantages of our DataBOX

Tell us about your needs and we'll design a transportable data center that meets your company's needs.