Adam is:


We're committed to accompanying our clients and offering them the best solutions for their needs with honest, approachable, and dedicated service.


As a provider of key services to companies and institutions, we're committed to security, responsibility, and attention to detail in everything we do, and expect you to be, too.


We train and nurture talented professionals to drive constant innovation in solutions for our clients.

Why work at Adam?


We offer a continuing education plan so that you're always up to date and prepared to face your next challenge.


With us, you’ll be working in a very motivating environment that will help you grow and move forward.


Teamwork is a fundamental part of how we provide the best service possible to our clients, day in and day out, around the clock.


Adam is a consolidated company, with more than 30 years experience in the sector. We’re always innovating and growing.

The future

Adam’s services play a key role in the digital economy. With us, you’ll work in a strategic sector that’s becoming more and more important in our society as a whole.

Our employees say

"At Adam I've been able to grow as a person and as a professional in the company of excellent colleagues."

"Adam is a company with a market personality that knows how to communicate human and professional values like commitment and reliability to clients and employees."

"Adam is a close company that is open to participation from the whole team. I'm learning and improving constantly here, surrounded by fantastic people who are also fantastic professionals."

"They're always asking what you need to be comfortable and support clients effectively in their projects. There's a very good atmosphere that has a very positive effect on productivity."

"Adam is a company that's easy to work for. You feel comfortable and they help you develop professionally in your area of expertise. You always feel supported, both when making decisions, and achieving your goals."

"Adam is a company commited to good service, integrity, and proximity, all qualities that allow me to grow professionally."

"At Adam I've been able to grow personally and professionally. The confidence that the company has had in me, has made me feel like a fundamental part of the project."

"Working at Adam is a great experience. It's a welcoming place where I learn something new every day. Warning: My enthusiasm and desire to share this project may be contagious."

"I'm proud to belong to this company and do my best work daily in such an interesting and dynamic sector, facing the challenges of the future with gaurantees."

Job offers

Gestor de Cuentas K.A.M / P.A.M. Adam Madrid-Tecnoalcalá.

Datos. Esa es la palabra clave. Vivimos en un mundo conectado en el que los datos de tu compañía son uno de sus principales activos.  Almacenarlos, procesarlos y analizarlos te ayuda a crear estrategias, corregir desviaciones y mejorar tus procesos. Alojarlos en un entorno confiable y poder acceder a ellos en todo momento te permite … Read more

We're always on the lookout for fresh talent

At Adam, we're always looking for motivated people who are eager to learn and help us continue to grow in this key sector.

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