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Adam, more than a Datacenter

We own our Datacenters

We have designed and built 3 Datacenter in Barcelona and Madrid.

  • operador-multiple


    We are a neutral supplier, offering interconnection between multiple telecommunication carriers

  • Cpd-madrid-barcelona

    Multi CPD

    Contingency plans and replication between Data Centers

  • Tier3

    Up to Tier 3 Compliance

    High level of redundancy and high fault-tolerance

  • Serviciosti

    Centralized monitoring

    Electric and clima monitoring

  • Redundante

    Strategic locations

    Parc Tecnològic del Vallès, Madrid and Barcelona (ADAM building)

  • Pasillo caliente

    24/7 support

    Our teams offer 24/7/365 support to our customers

  • Pasillo frío

    ISO 9001 y 27001

    We have been awarded with the ISO standard for security and quality management

Pacemaker Fortinet Itil

We are the first to offer the latest

Unique Datacenters 100% modular in Spain

Traditional Datacenters stall in the moment of their construction. However, modular design guarantees the state of the art technology, reliability and security. It is the most advanced solution, used also by the dominant players of the sector such as Google or Microsoft.

High energy efficiency

We are focused on the main factor of the cost of a Datacenter: energy saving and efficiency.

  • Ptv-datacenter

    Free Cooling

    Low external air temperatures to assist in chilling

  • Data

    High voltage

    Save up to 30% in purchasing power

  • Cloud

    Climatically favorable locations

    Strategic locations with optimal environmental conditions

  • Computing

    Modular system

    We use and allow the latest technology to improve efficiency

  • Itservices

    Advanced designed rooms

    Continual improvement of our Datacenters

A new way to understand collocation

With no tolls. Customised.

  • Serviciosti

    Hire only what you need

    We have 5.000sqm available for your own customised project.

  • Iaas

    The best consulting

    Maximum involvement and direct contact with the technical direction of Adam

  • Paas

    MPLS multi operator

    We are a neutral supplier. You don’t need to change your networks.

  • Housing

    Accomplish your deadlines

    Immediate room availability and commited deadlines for dedicated rooms.

Cisco Symantec Linux

Security. Maximum protection at our facility

  • 24x7 security staff
    They are permanently in our datacenters

  • Modular system
    It allows us to incorporate the latest efficiency technology in every project

  • Perimeter security system
    Strict access control

  • Indoor and outdoor video surveillance
    With continuous HD recording and video analysis

  • Burglary alarms
    Connected to central station

  • Biometric access control
    In every room of the building

  • Fire fighting system.
    With early detection and extinguishing agent NOVEC 1230

  • Proximity to Police Stations
    Centers placed within 300 meters of police stations

Experience is acquired over the years

In Adam we have over 25 years

  • Hosting

    Own engineering

    More than 20 years of experience in the construction and operation of Datacenters

  • Effiency

    Exclusive dedication to Datacenter

    Focused on our business to get the maximum benefits of technology

  • Server


    Financial strength and a high volume of investment


Some of our industry standards and accreditations

Before choosing your collocation provider, consider:

  • How many years of experience does it have in the construction and operation of Datacenters?
  • Does it guarantee the last available technology in efficiency, security, and reliability?
  • Does it have its own engineering and assist me during the process?
  • Is it specialized in applying energy improvements like Free Cooling?
  • Is it possible to access the Datacenter with circuits of any operator, without having to change my whole network?
  • What if I need a solution totally customized?
  • How long it will take to provide me room space?
  • Is it possible to replicate directly storage solutions in an also owned second Datacenter?
  • Does it offer guarantees with the time, such as financial strength and owned facilities ?